Social media campaign for The Adventure

Social media campaign for The Adventure

The Adventure is an organization that conducts a number of activities in the area of Gurugram. A launch campaign was required to make people aware of the brand and promote its adventurous activities. Pawan Kumar and his team took 2 months to successfully lead the campaign and showed visible results to the client. He took around 35k for the project.

Industry: Gaming
Creative Type: Social Media Campaigns
Tags: Graphic design, Designing, Social media post, Campaign, Event management, freelancer, Social media marketing, SMM

Freelancer Information

Pawan Kr.

Pawan Kumar is a graphic designer based in Delhi and provides services in the fo...

Services: Advertise campaigning , Print design , GIFs , Videos , Illus...

Service Charges: Minimum = Rs. 15,000

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Client’s Requirement:

Digital Launch Campaign:

The client required a digital launch campaign that can showcase the number of activities offered by The Adventure.

Audience Awareness:

Build a strong Brand Image and spread awareness about the activities offered by the company. To create a thrill among the audience through creative designs.

Brand Positioning:

Position the brand in the audience’s mind as a great option to have fun.

Agency’s Approach

Highlighting the Services:

The deliverables highlight the services provided by the brand. All the designs involve creative one-liners in collaboration with each activity.

Brand Awareness:

The brand targeted the enthusiastic and adventure-loving audience. Only the pictures were used in creatives which will relate to the activity and audience the most.

Digital Promotion:

Ran a campaign on multiple social media platforms so that the brand can reach a maximum number of users.


A very successful promotional campaign that created a huge audience awareness.

Brand was recognized as a great option to have fun.

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