Social Media campaign for Event Awareness-COAI

Social Media campaign for Event Awareness-COAI Premium

This social media campaign was planned for event awareness of the “India Mobile Congress”  for COAI (Cellular Operators Association of India). The purpose was to reach more audiences through social media marketing for the event which was held in Delhi in 2017. 45 Degrees planned both pre & post-marketing teasers to connect with the audiences. Various marketing tactics including urgency marketing were used to grab the attention of audiences. We had done this successfully and a huge number of people came to attend this event.

About Client – COAI, The Cellular Operators Association of India, is an industry association of mobile service providers, telecom equipment, internet services providers and other digital technologies' companies and businesses in India.

Undermentioned are the campaign particulars with information on Client’s requirement, Our Approach & Results achieved from the campaign.

Industry: Electronics, Technology
Creative Type: Social Media Campaigns
Tags: Social media campaign, Social media post, Promotion, ORM, Promotional event, Event, social media management

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Client Requirements:

Digital Promotion & Invitations:

The client required Promotional teasers & invitations to be designed for the post on social media platforms to spread awareness & invite audiences for the event “India Mobile Congress” which was held in New Delhi in 2017.

Agency Approach:

India mobile congress was a three-day event held in New Delhi in 2017. The client required a social media campaign to spread this information to the masses of potential audiences.

We designed teasers that highlighted the countdown (number of days left) for the event to create urgency with messages like “Don’t miss” and grab the attention of potential audiences. The main purpose of the post was to deliver the message clearly to the potential attendees and grab attention so as to indulge a greater number of people.


1. The campaign was very successful as COAI grabbed a lot of attention.

2. The event witnessed a large audience indulgence.

3.  A large audience engagement was observed.

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