Social Awareness Campaign "Keep it Unique"

Social Awareness Campaign "Keep it Unique" Premium

COAI wanted to spread social awareness on how to keep personal accounts secure and the importance of having a unique password. The theme of the campaign was “Keep it unique”. We had researched and identified that lots of people do not choose unique passwords for their accounts, making them exposed to multiple cyber-related troubles. We had created a campaign for multiple social platforms that helped in increasing social awareness & indirectly increased brand awareness of COAI.

About Client:

COAI, Cellular Operators Association of India, is an industry association of mobile service providers, telecom equipment, internet services providers and other digital technologies' companies and businesses in India. 

Undermentioned are the campaign particulars with information on Client’s requirement, Our Approach & Results achieved from the campaign.

Industry: Electronics, Technology
Creative Type: Social Media Campaigns
Tags: Telecom, Social Awareness, Brand Awareness,

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Client Requirements:

Social Awareness Campaign: Create a digital campaign to aware people of the ambiguity they show while choosing the passwords to important content and ask them to choose a unique password in order to protect their confidential information.

Agency's Approach: “Keep It Unique” Campaign:

1. We designed the “Keep it unique” campaign & used the most common scenario every person has faced at least once. “Your username or password is incorrect!” is the message displayed when you enter a wrong username/ password or someone has hacked your account.

2. We also showcased the fact that one out every five-person has set the same password and so lands as a victim of cybercrime.

3. The main motive of “Keep it unique” was to make the audience aware that they should keep their passwords unique to be safe from getting their account hacked. So, every creative was based on this message.


The marketing campaign based on social awareness theme "Keep it Unique" turned out to be very successful & COAI grabbed a lot of attention on social media platforms.

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