Compete branding for SLA

Compete branding for SLA

Super Leader Academy is an organization that works on improving kids learning by introducing different and effective activities. They value the strength in every child and amplifying through a better understanding of oneself. And in support of this, they organized Summer camps for children of the age group 8 to 17 years.

They required a digital campaign to announce parents about the summer camp. They contacted Pawan Kumar for the execution of this campaign on different digital platforms.

Industry: Kids, Education
Creative Type: branding
Tags: Graphic design, Designing, Social media post, Campaign, Event management, freelancer, Social media marketing, SMM

Freelancer Information

Pawan Kr.

Pawan Kumar is a graphic designer based in Delhi and provides services in the fo...

Services: Advertise campaigning , Print design , GIFs , Videos , Illus...

Service Charges: Minimum = Rs. 15,000

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Client’s Requirement:

  1. Promotional campaign

Implement a creative and connecting digital launch of the brand targeting the parents having children of the age group 8- 17 years.


  1. Listing the details

Highlight the activities for kids provided by the brand to grow kid's mental and physical abilities and list down the details of the summer camp to make the parents understand and contact accordingly.

Agency’s Approach

  1. Highlighting the USP

Super Leader Academy provides a number of activities to the kids during the summer camp. We tried to highlight this point by involving kids’ pictures in the creatives to add exciting elements in the campaign.


  1. Listing the Activities

The creatives list down the activities offered by Super Leader Academy in order to involve kids in the campaign.


  1.  Digital Promotion:

Create an engagement campaign on Facebook and Instagram to collect more leads from comments and to lead parents also to the landing page of the website in order to register their kids’ names for the summer camp.


Numbers of registrations took place.

Brand recognition among the audience.

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