Branding and Marketing for “Meat Junction” Restaurant

Branding and Marketing for “Meat Junction” Restaurant Premium

Brandrecall was hired for the innovative Branding and Marketing of Meat Junction. First, we focused on branding including logo design, menu and banner designs as per the theme of the non-veg restaurant. The second task was its Marketing, We had launched a campaign for the online nonveg restaurant to raise awareness in the market. Brandrecall has worked with this client for around 3-4 years.

About Client: Meat junction is a restaurant brand famous for its non-veg items whose parent company is AOV. They follow best international practices for ensuring the highest standards of animal welfare, food safety and quality throughout the animal's life.

Complete Project description including the Client's requirement, agency's approach & Results achieved from the Campaigns are mentioned below.

Industry: Food, Restaurant
Creative Type: branding
Tags: Branding

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Client Requirements:

Brand Positioning: Position the brand in the market which is captured by biggies.

Launch campaign: The client required a launch campaign for the online nonveg restaurant which creates more and more audience awareness.

Agency's Approach:

Logo: The logo has a picture of a Hen to represent the restaurant’s core specialty i.e. meat products. The red color is associated with meat and the blue color complements and highlights the red color. Fonts used in the logo are strong and striking.

Branding: The whole branding was done with the two prime colors, blue and red. A combination of these two colors became the identity of the brand. Designs used are sharp, simple and striking.

Deliverables: For Branding and Marketing of the Brand

1. Launch Campaign

2. Branding

3. Logo

4. Banners

5. Transport design

6. Envelopes

7. Aprons

8. Menu design


● Brand repositioned itself as a non-veg franchise in the market.

● A very successful launch of the campaign which created a buzz among the youth.

● A large audience engagement due to its unique features.

● A substantial increase in sales after the launch campaign.

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