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Promotional Strategy - ICSI Premium

We planned promotional strategies for better brand recognition amongst the target audience of ICSI ( Institute of Company Secretaries of India). Our promotional strategy included social media marketing and organizing an event for ICSI to increase audience engagements. With this campaign, We were successful in engaging over 1 million people across all social and digital media platforms through different digital initiatives.

About Client: ICSI is the only recognized professional body to develop and regulate the profession of Company Secretaries in India. The institute awards to a candidate qualifying for the membership of the Institute.

Undermentioned are the campaign particulars with information on Client’s requirement, Our Approach & Results achieved from the campaign.


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Client Requirements:

Promotional plan:

1. To promote ICSI PAN India and create a higher perceived value for company secretaries.

2. To indulge a large number of people in order to make them participate in various conversation threads on social media


Agency's Approach:

1. We began with a social media campaign to reach out to our target audience.

2. The campaign was moved forward with the purpose to educate and participate in various conversations on Facebook, Twitter, Google and other content platforms (Taboola).

3. A number of events were initiated.

4. The events were in tune with ICSI vision (Corporate Governance, Role of women in top leadership, Gender Diversity, etc.)

5. “A step in the direction of fulfilling the vision” was given.


1. ICSI has generated a diverse reach of over 1 million people across all social and digital media platforms.

2. It took around a year to reach such a huge number of audiences. 3. The audience indulged varied from students, corporates and practicing company secretaries.

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