Product Promotion (Market Expansion) for Vatech

Product Promotion (Market Expansion) for Vatech Premium

A product promotion plan for expansion of an international brand Vatech in the Indian market was planned & well executed by 45 Degrees. VATECH is an international specialized distribution company of medical devices. 45 degrees was hired for product promotion, increase brand recall and create awareness of digital imaging devices for dentists. We had focused on three things- product advertisements, educate potential customers about the latest & unique features of the product and generating leads for the client.

About Client: Vatech India is a leading brand in the dental radiology field, launched in the year 2015 in India. They are committed to Digitalize Dental Practice by world-class product range, with Advanced Features & Latest Technology.

Undermentioned are the campaign particulars with information on Our Approach & Results achieved from the campaign.

Industry: Healthcare
Creative Type: branding
Tags: Website development, Website design, Branding, Digital strategy, brand strategy, UX application, UI application, UI design, UX design, Social Strategy

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Agency's Approach: We divided the entire exercise in funnels, such as brand awareness program, product promotion plan, confidence-building exercise, education series and finally helping the dentists to buy Vatech Products. Introduced various tactical campaigns to spread the awareness about the products and reached to all available dentists in the online space. Introduced the remarketing campaign to get the top of the mind recall value for the brand.

Result: Generated online leads for IOS products to achieve maximum sales in the category of business (2,500 units in one year). Booked online 70 orders for the 2D scanner. Booked 18 institutional buying for the 3D scanner through the campaign.

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