Beverage photoshoot by Sutapa

Beverage photoshoot by Sutapa Premium

The client required a photoshoot of the beverages available in his restaurant. Sutapa is a photographer who works freelance as well as incorporation with Brandrecall creative agency. Here are some amazing beverage photoshoots on the client’s location. When shooting drinks, lighting is one of the most fun, but also the most tricky areas to perfect. We all want to avoid those dreaded reflections and bright spots, where the light is just bouncing right off the side of the glass and back into the lens. If you like my work, contact me.

Industry: Beverages
Creative Type: photoshoot
Tags: Photoshoot, branding, SME, MSME, design, print media, advertisement, ad, advertisement

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Sutapa is a freelance Professional Photographer who has worked with various...

Services: Photography , architecture shoots, product shoots

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