Packaging Design and Promotion of Vega

Packaging Design and Promotion of Vega Premium

Vega contacted Brandrecall for packaging design and promotion of their latest hairdryer and other beauty accessories product. We worked as per client requirements and designed a stunning and innovative product packaging that builds a noticeable and professional identity for the product. We had promoted Brand as well as their product through Events, advertisement, Hoardings, etc. Vega made itself as a top professional brand among its competitors.

About Client:
Vega is one of the leading beauty accessory brands in India. A one-stop-shop for ‘head to toe’ beauty tools. They have a varied range of personal care appliances and Beauty accessories like Hair Dryers, Hair Straighteners, Hair Curlers, Grooming Kit, Shaver, Hair Trimmer, Bath accessories, make-up accessories, manicure kit, pedicure kit and much more!

Complete  Project description including the Client's requirement, agency's approach & Results achieved from the Campaigns are mentioned below.

Client's Requirements:
The client required a packaging design for the product that has a more distinct look than the competitors.
Product’s advertisement:
Design an advertisement not only for hairdryers but also for other beauty accessory products.


Industry: Beauty
Creative Type: branding
Tags: Packaging, branding, design, print media, advertisement, ad

Agency Information

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Agency's Approach:
We designed the packaging by taking the product’s color as prime color and gave it a more professional look to distinguish it from the competitor.
Target Audience:
The youth of India:
Youngsters are more keen to change their hairstyles than anything. The hairstyling trends are changing day by day so the brand targets the youth for the same interests.
Hair Stylists:
The product exhibits a more professional look so it targets all the professionals in the field so that they choose their product instead of the competitors’.

●    Print ads
●    Packaging
●    Catalogs
●    exhibitions
●    Events
●    Advertisements
●    Hoardings
●    Banners



Brand repositioned itself as a top professional brand among its competitors.

A large audience engagement due to its unique features.

A substantial increase in sales after the branding.


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