Outdoor advertising campaign – L&T BPP toll way

Outdoor advertising campaign – L&T BPP toll way Premium

A unique and well executed outdoor advertising campaign that successfully made an impression on target audience (nearby villagers), improved human-brand relationship and helped the client achieve the desired results. The campaign was about the awareness of the new toll project introduced in Rajasthan by L&T BPP, among the villagers. This campaign comprises of outdoor advertising, customer engagement, brand awareness.

About client: L&T Infrastructure Development Projects Limited (L&T IDPL) is a pioneer of the Public-Private-Partnership (PPP) model of development in India, which involves the development of infrastructure projects by private sector players in partnership with the Central and State Governments.

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Industry: Infrastructure
Creative Type: ad
Tags: Hoarding, hoarding board, advertisement, ad, design, print design, real estate, real estate ad

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Client’s requirement:

- To make villagers aware about the benefits of the highway.

- To motivate potential users i.e. nearby villagers to make use of the highway.

- To clear misconceptions about the highway among the villagers

Agency’s approach:

Campaign policy: The whole campaign was strategized and executed by keeping in mind the target audience i.e. nearby villagers of Rajasthan.

We provided information in the Hindi language as knowledge in the native language is easy to understand.

Benefits of the highway were transmitted through various hoardings, with road safety-related information, to educate the villagers.

The face of the campaign: We enrolled local villagers as the face of the campaign & this unusual strategy helped us to turnaround the user perception. We were able to gain trust & increase the relatability of the audience.


1. Large audience engagement was seen by the end of the campaign.

2. More and more villagers began to use Tollway.

3. The Tollway was recognized as a safer and reliable solution for commutation.

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