Branding for Orris - "Save Earth Campaign"

Branding for Orris - "Save Earth Campaign" Premium

Orris has quickly grown from being one of the top real estate property developers in Delhi/NCR to an organization well-diversified in the fields of Construction, Manufacturing, Education, Golf, Energy, and Hospitality. Orris is known for going off-stream, so when it required to spread awareness and there was no better choice than Liquid Loop.

The liquid loop has worked on the “Save Earth Campaign” which stands out in the crowd and conveys the message efficiently.

Industry: Real Estate
Creative Type: branding
Tags: brochure, branding, corporate, SME, MSME, design, print media, advertisement, ad

Agency Information

LiquidLoop Premium

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Service Charges: Minimum = Rs.50,000

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Client’s Requirement:

Promotional Campaign:

Come up with a creative campaign that stands out from the crowd and convey the right message.

Audience awareness:

Build a strong Brand Image and spread awareness about the environment as well as establishing a point of how Orris’ work is eco-friendly.

Brand Repositioning:

Modify the perception of people and make them understand that Orris is just more than a real estate property developer.

Agency’s Approach

Research & Analysis

We researched the Brand’s current positioning in the market and people’s perception of the real estate property developer.

Audience Indulgence & Brand Awareness:

  1. The campaign covered different industrial effects such as construction, energy, transport, etc to reflect different industries Orris is working in.
  2. We implemented an audience engagement program using an integrated approach by adopting both online and offline services.        
  3. Defining the Orris tag line “Expect the Best” by scheming the “We Can” campaign which explains the reach of the Brand.
  4. Specifying the caliber of the Brand by covering different factors that affect the environment.

Digital Promotion Plan:

  1. Facebook page, Google Ad Words, PR Blogs, Online Contest, and In-Mail Consumer Activation Programs were initiated.


  1. A substantial increase in projects after this campaign.
  2. Brand repositioned at the topmost category within its peer group.
  3. A large audience engagement as compared to the competitors in the market.

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