Branding of Promotional campaign for PizzaVito

Branding of Promotional campaign for PizzaVito

Many great brand names have forayed into the pizza world by coming up with their own versions of signature gourmet pizzas to go along with the classic ones. PizzaVito is one of those new arrivals on the pizza scene, but in a short time has captured the patronage of all kinds of diners. 

PizzaVito is an established restaurant that needs to promote its brand on social media platforms. They approached Pawan Kumar and he took around 4 months to execute the campaign.

Industry: Food, Restaurant
Creative Type: branding
Tags: Graphic design, Designing, Social media post, Campaign, Event management, freelancer, Social media marketing, SMM

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Pawan Kr.

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Client’s Requirement:

Promotional campaign:

Devise a promotional campaign to position PizzaVito as a restaurant has one of the best tastes of pizza in the town.

Highlight the Logo:

Logo of PizzaVito highlights two colors- Green and Red which are the colors of prime ingredients of the product. So, the client required a theme based on these colors.

Audience awareness:

To increase awareness about PizzaVito and its offerings. awareness about the brand by targeting a large number of people and considering their taste buds.  

Agency’s Approach:

Complimenting the logo:

Designed a digital campaign which highlights the brand’s logo and colours used in it. The logo highlights red and green colour which reflects the ingredients of the product.

The theme of the Campaign:

The whole theme of the campaign was designed around these two colours. Tomatoes and herbs were used to describe the ingredients and reflect the colours used in the logo.

Add-on products:

An add especially for pasta was also designed to represent add-on products offered by the brand and not only Pizza.

Digital Promotion:

Create an engagement campaign on Facebook and Instagram to collect more leads from comments and to lead customers also to the landing page.


A very successful promotional campaign of the brand exclusively in the food sector which created a sensation among the consumers.

More consumer engagement and brand recognition among the audience.

Created a buzz on social media platforms.

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