Complete branding for Magic Dairy

Complete branding for Magic Dairy

A new Brand “Magic Dairy” was introduced in Gurugram in 2018. Magic Dairy delivers pure cow milk in glass bottles right to your doorstep.  A launch campaign was required to make people aware of the brand and promote its USP. Pawan Kumar and his team took 3-4 months to successfully lead the campaign and showed visible results to the client. The theme of the launch was blue color as in the logo but later changed into green in its promotional events. He took around 50k for the project.

Industry: Beverages
Creative Type: branding
Tags: Graphic design, Designing, Social media post, Campaign, Event management, freelancer, Social media marketing, SMM

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Pawan Kr.

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Client’s Requirement:

1. Digital Launch Campaign:


Implement a creative and connecting digital launch of the brand to target working women and housewives so that they understand how easily fresh milk is delivered at the doorstep.

2. Reveal the offer


“Subscribe 7-day trial pack and pay for only 4 days” was the subject line of the launch campaign.

3. Audience Awareness:

Build a strong Brand Image and spread awareness about the brand by targeting a large number of women (Working and Housewives) and considering their daily requirement of milk.

4. Brand Positioning:

Create a perception of people about the brand as a high quality and strength-giving product. Position the brand to a place among the top brands in the FMCG industry.

Agency’s Approach

1. Highlighting the USP

Designed a digital campaign that highlights the brand’s USP which is that the milk is delivered at the doorstep during the particular hours of the day simply by ordering milk on the App.

2. Brand Awareness:

Strength is displayed in graphics to highlight the fact that this milk is healthy as it comes from “Happy cows” which means healthy cows. The target audience includes working women and housewives so the campaign must display a healthy product.

3. Digital Promotion:

Ran a campaign on multiple social media platforms so that the brand can reach a maximum number of users.



  1. A very successful launch of the brand exclusively in the food sector which created a sensation among the consumers.
  2. Brand recognition among the audience.
  3. A large number of orders were received right after the launch.

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