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As a business group known for its industrial capabilities, the brand has a substantial background in the technology that goes into producing fine needles, hooks, and accessories for the hand knitting and crochet market.  As a result, they have to provide knitting and crochet tools to the European and international markets for the last several years. Their products are sold outside North America in over 45 countries worldwide under the “KnitPro’’ brand which has been recognized as the fastest-growing brand in Europe in the field of knitting accessories.

Brandrecall created a whole branding for the brand and has worked for more than 7 years.

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Creative Type: branding
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Client Requirements:

Brand recognition:

Creating a brand image in the international market of knitting by using a creative and innovative representation of the product.

Unique Catalogue:

The client was on retainership basis so they required a new approach for the yearly catalogue to showcase their range of products every year.

Agency's Approach:

Product Insights:

The Brand has a variety of product range to showcase and all in very creative colors. So, the catalog was designed by playing with colors to create a unique design every year.

Target Audience:

European Market:

Knit pro is the name of the brand for European and Asian countries which targets European and Asian audiences.

USA Market:

Knitter’s Pride is the name of the brand for the USA Market which targets the USA audience.


Advertisements, Exhibitions, Poster designs, Packaging, Catalogues, Logo design


  • Brand repositioned itself as a top knitting company in the market.
  • The brand has established its name in the international market.
  • The brand creates a buzz in the market every year among the knitter’s lovers.
  • A large audience engagement in yearly campaigns.

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