Packaging design for Jayanti jaljeera

Packaging design for Jayanti jaljeera Premium

This packaging includes all the fun elements. The client required our agency to position the brand in the market which is captured by Soft drink biggies like coke or Pepsi, and also, to rebuild the brand’s image.

Jayanti Jaljeera was earlier known as a Local Rajasthani brand & we were needed to position it as a 'Nationally Recognized’ brand of digestive drink in new markets.

After analyzing the current position of the brand in the market, we concluded that the approach needs to be wacky and unique. So, we gave the campaign a “Retro Art form” theme to Position the brand in the market segment of ‘Traditional’ Soft Drinks of India.

Industry: Beverages
Creative Type: packaging
Tags: branding, corporate, SME, MSME, design, print media, advertisement, ad

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