Hilsas Restaurant - Not Just Fish

Hilsas Restaurant - Not Just Fish


Hilsas Restaurant - Not Just Fish


Social Media Posts, Table Mats, Accordion Menu, and Billboard Designs made for Hilsas. Their brand identity includes two primary colors, purple and orange. Both the primary colors along with white are used for all the designs. The designs have been kept modern and easy to understand.

Industry: Food, Restaurant
Creative Type: Social Media Campaigns
Tags: Social media campaign, Social media post, festival, celebration, greetings, Promotion, ORM, Promotional event, Event, social media management

Freelancer Information

Shivangi Aggarwal

Hi, I am Shivangi, a Fashion Design Graduate from Pearl Academy, Delhi, and a fu...

Services: Designing, Graphic design, Logo Designing, Social Media Cam...

Service Charges: Minimum = Rs. 6000/-

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