5-Year celebration by Greenheck

5-Year celebration by Greenheck

These are the creatives designed on the completion of 5 years of Greenheck. Deepti is a freelancer who has done branding for Greenheck. Greenheck has come a long way since 1947 when it began business as a tiny sheet metal shop in Schofield, Wisconsin. Today, their flagship ventilation products are behind walls, in ductwork or on the roofs of non-residential buildings around the world. They required a design that explains their vision properly and in an interesting way.

Industry: Agriculture, Industrial
Creative Type: ad
Tags: branding, corporate, SME, MSME, design, print media, advertisement, ad

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Deepti is a freelancer who excels in the following services. Services: 1...

Services: Digital Marketing Strategy, (Social Media Campaigns, E-mail...

Service Charges: MInimum = Rs. 8,000  ...

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