Complete Packaging designs for FNS

Complete Packaging designs for FNS Premium

We have designed multiple packaging designs for FNS. FNS has been an old client of Liquid Loop. FnS revolutionized the cutlery industry by giving its own share of imagination. FNS is a Premium Brand which exhibits royal quality; thus, its promotion strategy must reflect the same. FNS wanted a complete turnaround in its brand image and represent itself as an aspirational niche brand becoming the need of the hour in both the hospitality and retail sectors.

Liquid Loop was hired to design a promotional digital campaign in order to deliver a deep understanding of the product based on consumer’s needs.

Industry: Kitchen
Creative Type: packaging
Tags: brochure, branding, corporate, SME, MSME, design, print media, advertisement, ad

Agency Information

LiquidLoop Premium

Based at Gurugram, LiquidLoop is a Full-Service agency with a diversified portfo...

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Service Charges: Minimum = Rs.50,000

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Client’s Requirement:

Promotional Campaign:

To Carve out an innovative, creative campaign which stands out from its competitors and highlights its differentiator (Premium Quality)


Create an interactive packaging design for the products.

Agency’s Approach:

Self-explanatory design:

The design of the packaging used the same color combination as the brand’s logo itself. The design is set to be minimal and self-explanatory which conveys the right information to the audience.

Digital Promotion Plan:

Pictures of packaging listing down the basic information about the product were also circulated on social media via the Facebook page, Google Ad Words, PR Blogs, etc.


  • A substantial increase in modern and general trade saw sales within 3 months of launching the campaign.
  • A very successful launch of the new product line by the company exclusively in the hospitality sector which created a sensation among the consumers.
  • Brand repositioned at the topmost category within its peer group.
  • A large audience engagement as compared to the competitors in the market.

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