Brand Positioning of Soft Drink - Jayanti jaljeera

Brand Positioning of Soft Drink - Jayanti jaljeera Premium

A quirky & fun campaign planned for a traditional soft drink brand, Jayanti Jaljeera. Jayanti had been a locally popular Rajasthani brand which sought a strategic re-alignment for a PAN India Launch, RnT was trusted for the same. After some detailed research on the soft drinks market in India, we presented a Launch plan for Jayanti which included unique yet fun content depicted through both online & offline mediums- Viral videos, social media teasers, FM advertisements & in-shop branding. The idea was to make a long-lasting impact on the audience through a unique brand positioning & increase brand recall value. Continue reading to see a complete turn around of the brand.


About Client: Jayanti Jaljeera is the flagship drink of the company. Jaljeera is an Indian beverage that is savored during summers. Jayanti jaljeera was earlier a well known local Rajasthani brand, which was now relaunching itself in the PAN India market.

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Creative Type: branding
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Client’s requirement:

Brand Perception/ Brand Image Remodelling - To upgrade the brand image from a local Rajasthani brand to a nationally recognized brand.

Brand Positioning- To attain a position in a market that was already captured by some leading soft drink brands.

Market Expansion- To Reach out to the markets of Delhi, Haryana, Punjab, Bihar, U.P. and J&K.


Agency’s approach:

Research and Analysis: After analyzing the current position of the brand in the market of soft drinks we decided to Position the brand in the niche market segment of ‘Traditional’ Soft Drinks of India.

Brand campaign: Conceived and implemented brand marketing campaign using an integrated approach by adopting both online & offline services.

Key Points

USP: A soft drink with a Quirky taste & Digestive benefits

Tagline: “Haazme ka Lallantop drink”- highlighting the Quirkyness & digestive benefits -This unique tagline itself maintaining brand’s quirkiness and traditional values.

Theme: We gave the campaign a “Retro Art form” theme to Position the brand in the market segment of ‘Traditional’ Soft Drinks of India.

Face of the campaign: considering budget limitations, we decided to skip celebrity endorsements. And came up with of this unique idea, what’s the perfect fit than Nimbu-Mirch for a digestive drink.

Mnemonic: The "burp" sound is a self-explanatory indicator of digestion & is quirky in the best way. Hence, was a perfect Mneumonic fir for the campaign.


• Brand repositioned itself as a top digestive drink in the market.

• A very successful launch of the campaign which created a buzz among the youth.

• A large audience engagement due to the brand’s unique features.

• A substantial increase in sales even during the campaign.

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