Architecture photoshoot of a house in Goa

Architecture photoshoot of a house in Goa

This is a glimpse of the photoshoot of a house in Goa. Sutapa is a photographer who works freelance as well as incorporation with Brandrecall creative agency. Here are some amazing architecture photoshoots on the client’s location. Architecture photography allows you to take a little more time photographing your subject. Your structure isn’t going to move anytime soon. Lenses in architectural photography allow you to capture structures in dynamic ways. Some, such as prime lenses will give you very sharp images, and less distortion. If you like my work, contact me.

Industry: Infrastructure
Creative Type: photoshoot
Tags: Photoshoot, branding, SME, MSME, design, print media, advertisement, ad, advertisement

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Sutapa Photographer

Sutapa is a freelance Professional Photographer who has worked with various...

Services: Photography , architecture shoots, product shoots

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